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Flaunt Salon Studio




Hair and Beauty Services

Logo Design

When creating a new brand identity, take it back to the basics. You can start by incorporating hand-drawn lettering into digitized media to get to that polished professional look.

Branded Stationery

What's next after the logo has been approved? A branded business card and letterhead utilizing the new logo, color, and typography can help establish a company's identity.

Services Menu Brochure

Updating pre-existing materials for a client is another crucial step in the process. This shows the client there's cohesiveness to your rebrand strategy. For a luxurious aesthetic, a Bi-fold brochure revitalizes a pricing menu for products and services with the updated brand logo, color, and themes.

Promotional Flyers

Time to get the word out! Nothing stirs excitement for a company rebrand quite like a marketing campaign. These promotional flyers are used for new and existing client engagement in digital and print mediums.

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