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Starry Sky

Hi, I'm Jessie!

Creative Designer • Salsa Maker • Pizza Connoisseur 

Soft Skills:

Layout and Composition, Branding and Creative Direction, Project Management and Team Collaboration, Multi-tasking and Organization.

Technical Skills:

Print and Digital Design, Photo Editing and Manipulation, Video Editing and Optimization, Audio Editing and Optimization, User Experience, E-learning Development 

A Bit About Me

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to explore the creative world of JSV Designs, a Visual Experience.


Over the past ten years, I've dedicated my life to design in all of its forms. Whether it's geeking out over new typefaces or learning the latest design trends and technology. This portfolio is a curation of that experience as a creative and graphic designer. From my humble beginnings as an intern for a fashion start-up in Chicago to working with major international corporations like WholeYou, Inc., and Subaru of America. My goal for each piece is to inspire imagination, curiosity, urgency, and clarity. Whatever that goal may be, let's create something truly inspirational together. Please enjoy my samples and be sure to check out my resumé today!




Work Experience

AliveTek Inc.

2018 - 2022

AliveTek Inc.

2014 - 2018


2013 - 2014


2010 - 2013

Senior Designer - Creative Lead

While at AliveTek, I was promoted to Senior Designer and Creative Lead. As the Creative Lead, I managed all projects, from the first conception to final delivery, implemented company and client brand standards, trained and managed junior designers to the highest quality and efficiency. Additional responsibilities include being lead developer and social media manager for AliveTek's suite of award-winning hazing prevention products.

Graphic Designer - e-Learning Developer

During employment, I was introduced to the e-learning user experience by developing online academic courses and corporate training guides. As a designer, my core responsibilities included designing templates, developing course modules, establishing style guides, designing client presentations, and managing user content. Additional responsibilities ranged from audio and video editing and optimization to project and file management.

Subaru Email Marketing Designer

Created brand and custom graphics for Subaru email marketing campaigns. Kept up-to-date on design, brands, and auto-service marketing trends. Trained, led, and managed members of the Subaru email marketing team while maintaining dealership and field rep communications.

Graphic Designer

Responsible for designing marketing pieces, including but not limited to postcards, brochures, flyers, business reply cards, web banners, landing pages, and other direct-to-consumer marketing products. I honed excellent interpersonal skills and attention to detail to maintain overall client satisfaction in this position. All while working in a high volume, deadline-driven environment.

Let's Get

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